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BOSU Ballast Ball
BOSU Ballast BallBOSU Ballast Ball

BOSU Ballast Ball

The BOSU® Ballast Ball™ is a transparent exercise ball, filled with synthetic grains with a total weight of around 2.5kg. These synthetic grains are for the "ballast" and make the BOSU® Ballast Ball™ stay in place better without losing the balance challenge.

This unique training tool with moveable content offers the same training possibilities as a standard stability ball and adds a lot of possibilities: The "ballast" keeps the ball in place, so a more versatile and intensive training is possible. The added weight in the BOSU® Ballast Ball™ creates dynamic resistance with the movements and calls for your stability coordination.

Besides that the BOSU® Ballast Ball™ gives a audio and visual stimulant when moving the "Multi Dimensional load" (MDL). Because of this you get direct feedback on the execution of the movements. Which results in a more effective and better coordinated movement.

The BOSU® Ballast Ball™ is made of high quality burst resistant material, it has a six sided design with circles for a good alignment and positioning. The ball can be inflated between 55 and 65cm and is delivered with a foot pump and workout DVD.


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