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Pivot Fitness
Pivot Fitness Rack CR-01-325

Pivot Fitness Rack CR-01-325

Functional movements are movements that you make in daily life, such as throwing, lifting, pushing, pulling, jumping, climbing, sitting and running. Actually, every move you make during the day. All these movements are combined in a work-out which is performed within a certain period of time or as quickly as possible in a high intensity.

  • Heavy construction of commercial quality.
  • Outer dimensions of Bar: 7x7cm
  • Diameter of steel: 3cm
  • Offers the opportunity to carry out most of the important exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, hang power cleans, (ring) dips, shoulder to overheads, pull ups, different presses, the clean, (ring) muscle up exercises, kipping pull-ups, thrusters, burpees, snatches, different WODS etc.
  • Construction can be put up in any order and format.
  • Bars can possibly be anchored in the floor.
The product consists of the following items:
  • 4x Pivot Fitness PM101-325 Stands 325cm
  • 2x Pivot Fitness PM102-D Chin Up Bar Long Double
  • 2x Pivot Fitness PM103-D Chin Up Bar Short Double

This set contains:


Pivot Fitness
120 kg
1 Year