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Ultimateinstability Aquaball L
Ultimateinstability Aquaball LUltimateinstability Aquaball LUltimateinstability Aquaball LUltimateinstability Aquaball L

Ultimateinstability Aquaball L

Get to know the new form of workout, which uses the power of "hydro interia" (ponderousness of water) to challenge your workout. During the training you will notice a huge instability, thanks to the uncontrolled movement of the water. The instability of the Aquaballs lies in the weight itself, which makes every exercise much more specific for rehabilitation projects for example. This is because the exercises are carried out more realistically and simulate daily movements.

During the workout with the Aquaballs, the whole body needs to work very hard in order to control the uncoordinated water. Due to this, not only the large muscle groups are targeted, but also those that are usually easily forgotten. Due to the moving water, your posture and training form gets corrected once it starts to get neglected.

The Aquaballs strongly improve the proportion and the body awarness, because the irregular behaviour of water forces the body to fully focus and constatntly correct itself. Aquaballs offer a huge number of workout possibilities, which include throwing, slamming, thrusting, swinging and hacking. The weight is adjustable to every level, which makes the workout suitable for all genders, ages or conditions. The Aquaballs are ideal for personal trainers and und physiotherapists. It is also perfectly suitable for public gyms and a MUST HAVE for every fanatic (top) athlete.

The Aquaballs also have new, integrated handles and a user friendly filling system.

The Aquaballs are available in the following sizes:
  • S: 65 cm | Ø 20 cm | fillable up to 15 kg
  • M: 85 cm | Ø 20 cm | fillable up to 25 kg
  • L: 85 cm | Ø 25 cm | fillable up to 40 kg

The Aquabag is delivered without water, but with a pump and a poster.

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Ultimateinstability Aquaball L
Ultimateinstability Aquaball L
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